Multi-site Operations

Chubb provides fire and security solutions to your multi-site operation

Protecting Your World

Multi-site Operations

Our world today;

Multi-site organisations face additional challenges in protecting their employees, customers, premises and assets from the threat of fire and theft. You may be dealing with remote or unmanned locations. It’s likely you have a variety of building types and risk profiles across your portfolio. Employees need access to multiple locations. You may even discover that different rules apply depending on which part of the UK you are responsible for.

Chubb solutions

Centralised – we will assign an account manager to work with you to understand your needs, and then to oversee the set up and deployment of your account and report back on our performance.

Specialised – with 200 years of experience, we have developed specialised knowledge of managing fire and security risks in segments ranging from retail to railway, hotel to hospital, office to off-shore, finance to further education.

Reliable – our ird party certified products and services give you the assurance that we will deliver a consistent level of service at all your locations, helping you comply with regulatory and insurance requirements.

Simplified – you can view all of your accounts from your desk or phone with ChubbmySite, providing instant visibility of your service tickets, invoices and other essential information.

Comprehensive - Whether you're after fire detection and extinguishers, alarm systems, access control or CCTV with remote monitoring systems, you only need to work with one fire and security provider.

Flexible - Our solutions are scalable so they can grow with your business needs; as new sites are included in your portfolio we can add them to your overall security and fire installation.

Scale – we have the skills and resources to schedule maintenance at times to suit your needs, or to rapidly respond in times of crisis.