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Wireless intruder alarm components
Chubb offers a free security audit of your premises to ensure the security solution we offer meets your requirements.
Wireless and hybrid solutions
Chubb Wireless 16
Chubb Advisor Advanced Hybrid Alarm
Chubb Wireless 16

The Chubb Wireless 16 is a Fully EN Grade 2 certified Police calling system monitored by Chubb. Police administration and NSI certificate fees are included. It has an extensive range of peripherals to detect smoke, flood or carbon monoxide and a pet friendly detection option is available. The fully comprehensive maintenance package also includes replacement batteries for the wireless devices as well as all spares and call outs.

Chubb Advisor Advanced Hybrid Alarm

Hybrid alarms offer the flexibility to support both conventional hard-wired and wireless detection. These systems are suited to both larger residential or most commercial applications from 16 detection devices upwards. This allows for additions to existing systems where a wired solution may be unsuitable i.e. outbuildings, heritage sites or expensive décor.

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Al meer dan 200 jaar is het Chubb's missie om de wereld veilig te maken, door haar klanten te beschermen met behulp van beveiligingssystemen, producten en diensten.


Door uw beveiligingssysteem op de Chubb alarmcentrale aan te sluiten bent u er van verzekerd dat bij een calamiteit actie ondernomen wordt, 24 uur per dag 365 dagen per jaar.

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