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Fire Evacuation

A fire evacuation strategy and plan should be in place to enable building occupants to escape quickly in the event of a fire. You may be responsible to ensure fire evacuation plans and necessary measures are in place to assist occupants’ fast evacuation. These measures may include:

  • clearly marked escape routes
  • correctly placed emergency exit signs and lighting
  • correct design of fire compartmentalisation and smoke extraction system
  • public address system to assist fire evacuation. 

In addition to the above measures, employees should receive sufficient training so that they know and use the escape routes. Besides, regular building or site inspections are necessary to ensure passageways are clear; emergency doors are closed and can be opened easily, and to identify any potential fire risk of the building or site.

Fire safety training
Professional fire training ensures your employees understand about the risk and know how to escape a fire. Chubb provides you with a set of fire training solutions adapted to your employees and premises.
Emergency lighting
Chubb can install, service and maintain emergency lighting to aid safe evacuation in the event of power failure to normal lighting.
Fire evacuation plans and safety signs
Emergency plans provide instructions and evacuation routes information to occupants. So that they know how to react in case of fire. Chubb designs the evacuation route maps.
Smoke extraction system
Smoke is a major trigger of panic and the main cause of injuries. Therefore smoke extraction is essential for evacuation. Proper building compartmentalisation can limit or slow down the spread of fire.
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