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Security alarm monitoring by Chubb's dedicated network of alarm receiving centres (ARCs) ensures rapid response to any alarm activation.

Intruder system monitoring

We can initiate an alert to the police or your keyholder, who will then take the appropriate action.

Our systems are installed to the local law enforcement authority standard to allow us to directly connected to the authority if police or law enforcement officer response is required1.

In addition, we offer a Keyholder Care service - we will keep in touch with your keyholder to ensure their safety and initiate an agreed action plan if we do not hear from them within a specified time.

CCTV system monitoring

Chubb offer remote video surveillance and response service which enables us to initiate an agreed response to a CCTV security activation. We can not only see CCTV images from the remote site, where the system design permits, but we can also interact (i.e. operate specific equipment on site) or verbally address the remote site.

Keyholder Care

Chubb's Keyholder Care alert service is designed to help employers protect employees who act as keyholder and respond to activated alarms.

Keyholder Care further enhances Chubb's intruder security and monitoring services, assisting employers in protecting their field workforce to comply with the health & safety requirements.

1. Service varies depending on the local government policy

Service and maintenance
Having regular maintenance ensures your fire and security system works.
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Legislation and standards
Comply with the latest fire, security, health and safety regulations.
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Da quasi 200 anni, Chubb s'impegna a proteggere i suoi clienti mediante soluzioni di sicurezza antincendio e servizi adeguati alle loro esigenze. Chubb Sicli Svizzera è un partner di fiducia.
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100 anni dopo l'incendio che ha lanciato l'avventura dei prodotti Sicli, sono stati fabbricati e venduti oltre 10 milioni di estintori.