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Visitor Management
SISYS have developed a strong reputation as a provider of integrated visitor management systems to security conscious organisations at the very highest to the military, defence industry and government organisations for over 30 years with more than 250 installations throughout the UK and Europe. So, if you are looking for on site access management, automatic access control, automatic number plate recognition, simple ID pass production or a mixture of all, SISYS is able to provide a solution.
Site Access Management System (SAMS)
SAMS is an integrated database system which has the ability to identify people both when they are on site and once they have departed a site.
Visitor Express
Visitor Express offers a means of processing passes for, and storing valued information and images about visitors to your premises, which can be searched upon, displayed and reported on based on varying criteria.
Bespoke development
SISYS have a team of highly experienced software developers which allows us to offer an outstanding systems integration service.
SISYS provide a full range of accessories to support our visitor management solutions.
Supporting Services
Service and maintenance support
Chubb dedicated services teams provide full support to SISYS systems. We are proud of an impressive track record of customer projects successfully, cost-effectively completed in line with the customers specifications and timescales.
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Chubb, 200 anni di innovazione al servizio della sicurezza!
Da quasi 200 anni, Chubb s'impegna a proteggere i suoi clienti mediante soluzioni di sicurezza antincendio e servizi adeguati alle loro esigenze. Chubb Sicli Svizzera è un partner di fiducia.
Manutenzione globale delle tue installazioni con Chubb Sicli
La manutenzione è un anello essenziale nella catena della sicurezza. Quando uno di questi elementi viene trascurato, viene messa in discussione l'intera efficacia del concetto di sicurezza.
La saga dei prodotti Sicli, un'istituzione dal 1923!!
100 anni dopo l'incendio che ha lanciato l'avventura dei prodotti Sicli, sono stati fabbricati e venduti oltre 10 milioni di estintori.