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Protecting the health, safety of our employees, our customers, and the natural environment is a core value within Chubb and our parent company UTC Climate, Controls & Security. We will not be satisfied until our workplaces are safe from hazards, our employees are injury free, our services and products are safe, and our commitment and record in regulatory compliance and protection of the environment are unmatched.
Scout Association and special rates
Chubb and The Scout Association
Chubb is proud to have sponsored the Scouts Fire Safety Badge for 12 years, from 2003 to 2015, which raised awareness amongst thousands of young scouts and their families about domestic fire safety. By sponsoring the Scouts Fire Safety Badge, over 130,000 Scouts passed this badge.
Take advantage of special rates with Chubb

The Scout Association has secured special discounted prices with Chubb for the annual servicing and supply of fire extinguishers and other fire safety services based on a nationwide contract. Scout groups can take advantage of these prices by calling 0845 606 1155, and Chubb will be pleased to help with any further products or services needed to ensure premises remain safe and protected. To learn more.

Click here to link to A Basic Guide to Fire Safety

Click here to link to A Basic Guide to Security Audit

Scout Leaders Resource Pack
To download your Chubb Scouts Fire Safety Badge resource pack, click on the links below:
Fire Safety Poster
posters for your Scout Hut that confirm the 11 points that the Scouts need to understand to pass their badge.
Fire Safety from Chubb
A useful leaflet covering all aspects of fire safety including fire safety in the home.
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Siamo a vostra disposizione
Trovate la vostra agenzia
Proteggete ciò che vi è caro
Chubb, 200 anni di innovazione al servizio della sicurezza!
Da quasi 200 anni, Chubb s'impegna a proteggere i suoi clienti mediante soluzioni di sicurezza antincendio e servizi adeguati alle loro esigenze. Chubb Sicli Svizzera è un partner di fiducia.
Manutenzione globale delle tue installazioni con Chubb Sicli
La manutenzione è un anello essenziale nella catena della sicurezza. Quando uno di questi elementi viene trascurato, viene messa in discussione l'intera efficacia del concetto di sicurezza.
La saga dei prodotti Sicli, un'istituzione dal 1923!!
100 anni dopo l'incendio che ha lanciato l'avventura dei prodotti Sicli, sono stati fabbricati e venduti oltre 10 milioni di estintori.