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High Definition CCTV

High definition pictures retain their clarity even when zoomed in to view specific detail, this clarity is retained whether viewing live images or reviewing a recording. The system's storage capacity will be tailored to meet your requirements whilst complying with the Data Protection Act.

High Definition CCTV
CCTV recording equipment
CCTV cameras
High definition CCTV software
Network Video Recorders and PoE
A network video recorder can utilise existing computer IT network structured cabling, giving the advantage of being viewed locally or of being securely viewed over the internet from any location. Cameras can be connected using your Local Area Network (LAN) or at any other location via your corporate Wide Area Network (WAN). Image degradation is negligible in comparison to traditional recording devices. Almost infinitely scalable storage capacity is available, dependent on your requirements. In addition many NVR’s offer Power Over Ethernet (POE) which provides a greener more cost effective alternative to traditional systems. Images can be viewed via an app on your PC, smartphone or tablet.
Hybrid HD Video Recorders
Hybrid HD Video Recorders allow you to upgrade your system at your own pace whilst protecting your original investment. They will accept images from existing traditional CCTV cameras as well as HD analogue and/or IP cameras so incorporating higher quality for areas that require higher definition images. Images can be viewed securely over the internet either locally or from a remote location via an app on your PC, smartphone or tablet.
Bullet Cameras
Bullet cameras are suited to both internal and external applications; they are a more overt camera offering an additional level of deterrence, added to this deterrent value is that their directional field of view is very obvious which can be useful to protect specific areas of risk. They come in various sizes with fixed or varifocal lenses and often have integral infrared lighting. Bullet cameras are an all in one unit including integral housing and bracket and can offer additional protection from the elements in the form of adjustable rain/sun shields.
Dome Cameras
Dome cameras are predominantly ceiling mounted and generally more discreet and aesthetically pleasing, available in both flush and surface mount variants. The area of coverage is less obvious and they are available in ruggadised and vandal resistant formats which makes them more resistant to attack. They can have fixed or varifocal lens options and either with or without infrared integral illumination to suit your application. IP technology provides the flexibility to utilise edge technology i.e. recording onto an SD card within the camera. The camera resolutions vary from high to ultra-high and are determined to suit the customer application and budget.
Wedge Cameras
Wedge cameras have a low profile and are aesthetically pleasing. The area of coverage is less obvious. They predominantly have fixed lens option offering a wider viewing angle and offer infrared integral illumination to suit your application. They are suitable for internal or external applications. IP technology provides the flexibility to utilise edge technology i.e. recording onto an SD card within the camera. The cameras have various high definition resolutions to suit the customer application and budget.
Pan, Tilt and Zoom high speed dome
Pan, Tilt and Zoom high speed dome cameras offers automatic, and manual, control which is ideally suited to a control room or security desk environment. It gives the operator absolute control of the cameras view enabling them to identify and zoom in, monitor and track a specific incident or point of interest. The cameras come in a variety of resolutions to suit the application and budget and can be internal or externally mounted including in hostile environments, and are generally positioned out of reach to give an advantageous field of view and a level of resistance against attack. They support both optical and digital zoom to enable a close up view from a distant vantage point. These cameras have a vast range of specialist features available to suit specific applications e.g. marine environment, ultra long range infra red illumination.
Fish Eye 360 degree Cameras
Fish Eye 360 cameras give a full 360 degree panoramic view of the location around the camera, this can be a cost effective solution as only one camera is required whilst also increasing the chances of catch as there is less chance of blind spots between fields of view. These cameras are ideally suited to retail and warehousing environments. The cameras provide the flexibility to utilise edge technology i.e. recording onto an SD card within the camera. The cameras can be used internally or externally and often include an audio recording facility.
Video Management Software
Video Management Software (VMS) provides full localised or remote control, configuration and management of your CCTV system as well as providing a viewing platform. Various levels of functionality and scalability are available from a simple viewing platform to an all-encompassing control, management and configuration suite. VMS offers a secure network connection which is scalable from single to multi-site applications.
Mobile Apps
Typically these applications allow security managers or home owners to access their recording devices and cameras remotely. This gives them the ability to monitor their office, business or home no matter where they are in the world. The apps also allow connection to multiple sites at any time. The applications are free to download on most common platforms. Images are ideally viewed over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G mobile networks.
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