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Hold-up Alarms

Hold-up Alarm buttons are a fundamental part of any alarm system where a risk to you, your employees or the general public is perceived. They can take the form of a fixed device or a mobile wireless button, providing a discrete method for requesting emergency assistance when under attack.

Hold-up Alarms

Hold-up Alarms, previously known as personal attack alarms, can initiate a variety of responses. Where police response is required they will have a police URN (Unique Reference Number) that is independent of the URN for your main alarm system.

Confirmed Hold-up Alarms
Unconfirmed Hold-up Alarms
Keyholder Care
Fixed Device

Recent changes to industry standards require the use of ‘confirmed’ Hold-up Alarms, which require a user to push two sets of dual action buttons sequentially within a pre-defined time period to be eligible to apply for a Police URN. Chubb have a range of products that meet these requirements.

Fixed device

Where a confirmed response is not required, i.e. Police calling, a single button Hold-up Alarm is suitable. These may be used to trigger a response that can vary from a signal to the Chubb Alarm Receiving Centre, to a local alarm / or in a manufacturing environment a machinery stop.

Wireless device

Added flexibility can be achieved by using mobile wireless devices e.g. worn as a pendant around your neck, as a key fob attached to your key ring or clipped onto your belt. These devices can also include a man down function, which automatically requests assistance should the wearer be brought to the ground.

Keyholder Care

Chubb's Keyholder Care alert service is designed to help employers protect employees who work alone or respond to activated alarms.

With the Keyholder Care alert, an employee’s mobile phone is allocated a unique reference number (URN) and a dedicated connection to a Chubb Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

When that employee is called to site by an alarm activation, a set time period is selected for the employee to report in by, or be contacted by the ARC to ensure they are safe.

If the employee fails to report in at the agreed time, an ARC operator will call the mobile device to check on the employee. If no acknowledgement of a safe return or an instruction to extend the originally set time window is received, the situation is immediately escalated with an emergency response.

Keyholder Care further enhances Chubb’s intruder security and monitoring services, assisting employers in protecting their field workforce as outlined by The Health & Safety at Work Act.

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