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Medical Alert / PERS

Medical Alert, also known as Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) or Telecare System, allows you to call for help in an emergency by pushing a button. Chubb is one of the leading providers of medical alert devices and monitoring services in Australia (VitalCall), Hong Kong (Easilink) and the United Kingdom (Chubb Community Care).

PERS can protect some of the most vulnerable in our society. For families, it helps your loved ones maintain their safety and independence in the comfort of their home. PERS has three basic components:-

  • A small radio transmitter with a button. It is usually a pendant worn around the neck or on a wrist band
  • A base unit / console connected to the telephone line
  • Emergency response center that monitors calls 24 hours a day

How it works

  • When you need help you press the button.
  • A signal is sent from the pendant to the base unit, which in turn calls our Emergency response center.
  • There is no need to pick up your phone – our response operators will speak to you through the base unit, assess your needs and send help immediately if required.
  • Based on your requirements, our response operator will contact a family member, friend, neighbour or emergency service to provide the assistance you need.

Additional accessories and other assisted living solutions are available to enhance your protection. For example fall detector, bed occupancy monitor, epilepsy support monitor, nurse call.

VitalCall Personal Emergency Response
VitalCall is Australia’s original provider of 24/7 medical alert devices and services. Visit for more information.
Easilink Social Alarm Monitoring
Easilink has provided a 24/7 emergency alarm monitoring service in Hong Kong since 1994. The service is available to the elderly and any client who requires medical or home emergency response.
Chubb Community Care
One of the UK’s leading providers of 24/7 telecare and telehealth systems and monitoring services. We provide solutions for homes, local authorities, housing associations and care home providers.
Assisted living
Chubb provides residents in care homes and extra care environments  independence,  security, safety and comfort. Speak to your local Chubb office to find out more.
Supporting Services

Chubb is one of the best-known service providers of fire safety and security solutions for business and institutes worldwide. For 200 years, our mission has been to make your world a safer place. You can get our expert advice on fire and security system design. We configure and install the most suitable systems to fit your need. After installation, we offer services and maintenance on the installed systems. Our 24/7 accredited alarm monitoring service keeps an eye on alarms and the status of systems; and take actions when it is needed.

Telecare service
Full telecare monitoring capability to ensure help is on hand 24/7. Check out our alarm monitoring center capabilities.
Help and Advice

Help and advice on community care solutions

Chubb Community Care regulation and standards
Chubb equipment meets the latest standards and regulations.
Frequently asked questions
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