Data Center

Implement integrated fire safety and security technologies to prevent business disruption

Data centre

Data center construction is expected to double by 2020,* and protecting this significant and valuable asset is vital to business. The right protection for your data center not only protects your investment but also ensures uninterrupted business operations – for you and your customers.

Data center and IT managers are facing pressure from within the business to match increasing demand with quick data center deployment, including fire and security solutions. Chubb understands the challenges you face, and offers custom solutions that deliver peace of mind. We have expertise, experience and a comprehensive range of smart solutions and global services to protect your data center from accidental or malicious harm.

We offer an in-house design and project team with the relevant security clearances and qualifications to work on our customers’ most sensitive projects, providing an accountable and consistent approach and global project execution within challenging timeframes.

Safeguarding uptime

Keeping a data center safe (regardless of its Tier level) is an important priority. We understand you need to maintain the highest efficiency, with maximum uptime and availability. Along with the risk of physical damage to critical hardware and the financial loss resulting from a fire or security incident, there is also the risk to operational performance and reputation. We know downtime of just a few seconds can have catastrophic consequences and that data center owners and operators need to work with organisations they can trust. This is why many rely on Chubb.

Restricting access

Authorised personnel often need quick access to particular rooms and racks, and to be able to demonstrate that a regular service or system health check has been performed. At the same time, unauthorised personnel need to be kept out of restricted areas. Chubb offers a bespoke access control solution and a cabinet access management system. This has been specifically developed for data centers, where a key element of compliance requires an auditable access control solution to closely manage and monitor the movement of personnel on site.

*Source: Technavio Global Data Center Market Report 2015

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Case study:

Orange Business Services

Financial Market Operator, Hong Kong