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Our world today

Whether you’re leasing a single office, or responsible for a multi-story commercial building, the risks are common. Controlling access to your offices, your servers, protecting data and computing equipment. The traditional risks of paper or waste paper bin fires have given way to increased risk of fires involving electrical equipment. Glass walls in meeting rooms and offices mean cabling for your fire and security equipment needs careful consideration. Late night lone workers, managing out of hours deliveries, safe access to car parks – the list of considerations goes on.

Chubb solution

Chubb would design a system with a maintenance and monitoring package to take all of these factors into consideration. The system we propose would also be dependent on the size of your business and budget. Our systems are both scalable and upgradable, we can offer an essential level of protection to high level security where required. We have a portfolio of installations that we maintain from single-site premises to multi-site companies; national to multi-national organisations.

Meeting your needs

We know your priority is your business. We will make your security and fire requirements our priority, leaving you free to run your business.

Case Study: Tencent Holdings, one of the world's largest internet service providers headquartered in Shenzhen, China