Critical National Infrastructure

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Critical National Infrastructure

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With global security an ever increasing concern, the UK government has identified nine sectors, under Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) which are necessary for the functioning of the country and the delivery of the essential services upon which daily life in the UK depends. These sectors include energy, water, communications and transport where typical projects have complex needs and require a high level of integration.

Chubb solutions

Chubb Systems have been working with CNI customers for many years so have a clear understanding and view of issues affecting the sector. With important assets and people to protect, a reliable and responsive solution is required, in order to respond rapidly to any situation.

Being one of the leading designers and integrators of security systems and software, our customised solutions are designed to meet the most demanding requirements. Our design and in-house software development capabilities, integration, delivery, maintenance and accreditation enable us to deliver bespoke systems with specialist security requirements.

Our Accreditation

CPNI approved logo CPNI Approval Logo

Chubb’s ADACS Assure is Approved for UK Government Use, for details contact CPNI. This approval highlights Chubb’s capability to address all aspects of a customer’s security needs.

Chubb can offer an unrivaled expertise and proven track record in delivering integrated security solutions on time and on budget.