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A solution to foster environmental vision and operational data sharing

We share Airbox’s mission to empower individuals and teams to improve outcomes and save lives through the innovative use of technology. Airbox software combines technical and operational solutions making it intuitive to use and visually powerful. This quickly orientates users to the situation, informing decisions at all levels of command. 

Implementing Airbox has proven operational benefits including: 

Boosting confidence
Senior Commanders report an increase of strategic confidence of more than 21% to meet policy targets and mitigate risk through:
  • Gathering of data to identify operational trends and inform lessons. 
  • Ability to implement multi-agency policies, plans and procedures. 
  • Mobile oversight and assurance of multi-agency operations. 
Response times resource management
Resources available for tasking on the ground have 24% more availability through:
  • Intelligence overlays to prioritise tasking. 
  • Tracking, dynamic asset allocation and ability to remote task.
  • Ability of subject matter experts to support multiple operations. 
Reduced response times
Response times are decreased by more than
  • Seeing other users and live annotations on a map cuts out ambiguity and reduces response time during the ‘Golden Hour.’ 
  • Access to critical information by those who need it enhances speed, accuracy and safety of decisions. 
  • Briefing on the move increases presence on the ground and the ability to respond. 

Airbox provides a real time, interactive Common Operating Picture for users during training, operations, and learning. 

Integrating existing information and feeds, Airbox software can be a standalone or additional application to boost and enhance existing systems. Airbox applications operate across mobile, VHF (Very High Frequency) and satellite networks ensuring users remain in the flow of information. Airbox helps users remain informed and connected wherever they are in accordance with national and organisational decision models.

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