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Solutions that enhance safety and mitigate risk

Chubb is a leading designer and integrator of security systems identifying and solving complex requirements to critical infrastructure and major, large-scale projects across the public and private sectors. Our total solutions include unique design and in-house software development capabilities, integration, delivery, and accreditation of bespoke systems for customers with special security requirements.

CNI Design Solutions
Offering unique project design solutions for critical national infrastructure
CNI Projects
Keeping critical national infrastructure secure and resilient
Software Solutions
Sophisticated software solutions designed specifically for your CNI needs
Managed Solutions
We design and supply expert managed solutions for high security situations
Hosting Solutions
Secure hosting solutions for CNI settings
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With 50 years’ experience managing security solutions within the CNI sector under our belt, Chubb Systems has amassed unparalleled expertise and capabilities to provide solutions for the people and businesses at the heart of the UK’s critical infrastructure.
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