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Remote Monitoring

Complete peace of mind with around-the-clock remote monitoring support

The safeguarding of your premises is of the greatest importance and responsibility. At Chubb, we offer a comprehensive remote monitoring service for all your fire, CCTV and security alarm systems, giving you the confidence that your building is in safe hands with around-the-clock response from our Alarm Receiving Centre specialists.

We pride ourselves on our service, innovation and reliability by integrating with all major manufacturers, monitoring an unrivalled range of equipment working closely with you to manage false alarms, decrease operating costs and enhance the level of protection of your people and assets with our comprehensive suite of remote monitoring services.

We offer a variety of remote alarm monitoring services including:
• Fire & smoke detection
• Intruder detection and access control
• Lone Worker
• Keyholder
• Telecare
Why do you need remote monitoring? 
When you invest in Chubb’s remote monitoring you can be assured that whatever the occurrence, our ARC specialists will work to maintain the safety and security of your premises. Upon receiving the alarm activation, our specialists will take the necessary action to verify root-cause and respond accordingly making sure incidents are resolved quickly and thoroughly. Chubb is at the forefront of signalling technology and as such we deliver an extensive range of remote monitoring service packages, tailored to your requirements.
Take your remote monitoring to a higher level 
Our extensive range of CCTV / video monitoring solutions, image processing and management tools provide extra confidence that informed and appropriate response is taken based on live observations. Offering ultimate protection for your building with Chubb’s managed video services, our flexible packages include:
  • Access - Secure and verified access, controlling gates and/or doors around your facility through your access control, or CCTV system.
  • Tours - Enable operators to connect to and monitor video systems in real time or in response to an alert, looking for specific causes or changes of scene taking actions based on a tailored response plan.
  • Panic Monitoring - Triggers sent to operators to respond to an alert, start a video session and enact defined response plans.
  • Chaperone / Remote Escort - A virtual chaperone when walking alone or in high risk areas between points on a campus or within protected areas.
  • Video Verification - Reduce the risk of false alarms and the need for physical guards.
  • Professional Keyholding and Alarm Response Service - Our experienced mobile responders attend site to conduct a full inspection of your premises following a confirmed alarm activation. Response plans are enacted in conjunction with the monitoring centre operators to ensure that your premises always remain safe and secure.

Chubb’s remote CCTV / video monitoring and analytics package combines the effectiveness of our remote monitoring service with a proactive crime prevention service, designed to further reduce potential damage to property and theft before it can occur. 

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