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Embracing the switch to All IP

Businesses and individuals across the UK use the analogue Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to make phone calls, receive emails, and browse the web. For many generations it has been the backbone of communications in Great Britain, but it is now increasingly unable to deal with the demands of modern technology and unprecedented signal traffic.

As more people switch to mobile or internet communications and our use of these technologies broadens, our world gets faster. Expectations of performance are much greater than the traditional technologies were designed to deliver, and therefore PSTN can no longer sustain the amount of data being shared. To meet the demands now and in the future, we need to change.

Communications will now be managed digitally using IP technology (otherwise known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP) which is faster and boasts far more features than businesses and individuals may be used to. When used with latest generation security products, they can easily integrate with mobile devices and apps, provide detailed reporting, and help gather insights about customer and employee behaviour.

Many security systems such as CCTV, access control solutions, and intruder alarms which communicate to ARCs will have higher levels of protection as several channels are used to transfer encrypted data which IP can provide. The new IP system will present new digital ways of working and opportunities to change how we communicate.

When is the switch over?
The switchover has already begun and will be completed in December 2025 when the all IP network will be fully operational in the UK and will signal the beginning of a new era in communications technology. Support for the network with not be withdrawn until 2025 but businesses and customers need to plan now and review their communication technology and find out how they will be affected by the changes. Those who wait until the last minute to make the change are likely to experience delays and find it difficult to get faults fixed.

Digital solutions tailored to businesses
We are working with our partners to offer a digital solution tailored to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. To futureproof your business and home, customers are advised to upgrade both their panel and signalling device to gain from the enriched benefits of transferring to all IP and remote services. Our specialist team have invested significantly in new technologies and selected, tested, approved an array of new digital products fully compatible and scalable to your needs.
Our specialist team are happy to talk to you, explain what the change may mean and provide advice and guidance on the next steps to ensure we can continue to protect and safeguard your most important assets.
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The digital switchover also impacts the telecare sector. Find out how CareUnity Digital offers flexibility, reliability, and connectivity for the most vulnerable in our society.
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