Active Supplementary Deterrents

Security fogging systems and automatic forensic identification systems are examples where security can be advertised on a premises as a deterrent to would be criminals, whilst also aiding in reducing loss or tracing stolen items.

Intruder deterrent systems

  • Fog Smoke Deterrent

    Fog / Smoke systems

  • Forensic Water Crime Deterrent

    Forensic water crime deterrent

  • Automatic Fog Generating Systems

    Automatic fog generating systems

    In the event the criminal gains access to a premises protected by a security fog system they are often stopped in their tracks the second the fog disperses and retreat looking for the fastest way out. Security fog is a recognised deterrent, with its own industry standard BS EN 50131-8. Solutions installed by Chubb also carry a Secure by Design (SBD) accreditation, meaning the products meet the rigorous testing recognised by the UK National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC). Apart from supplementing intruder alarms these systems are often deployed in the event of a personal attack situation, particularly in the Jewellery and Banking sectors.

  • Automatic Forensic Identification Systems

    Automatic Forensic Identification Systems

    To supplement traditional security systems forensic deterrents can be used to deter and uniquely identify an intruder by automatically spraying the unwanted individual with a harmless unique DNA solution. This enables the Police to link criminals with both the location and crime. Simply making potential intruders aware that you have these systems installed on your premises has proven to be a successful deterrent in its self.