Visitor Express

Visitor Express provides an efficient service to manage visitors and staff, and offers added security that manual paper based systems cannot provide. Using Visitor Express standalone or networked across single/multiple site gives provides security, while complying with legislation, including the Health and Safety at Work Act and Employers Liability Act. It also instantly provides a clear and accurate view of all staff, visitors and contractors who are on your site at any given time.

Visitor Express Applications

There are several variants to meet your requirements
  • Chubb Visitor express application

    Visitor express

    Visitor express enables you to pre book visitors, store and capture information including image, automatic emails, pre-print passes for expected, previously visited visitors, having their pass waiting for them upon arrival and capture data using optional Business Card scan

  • Express Security

    Visitor express security

    Security Edition offers a means of processing passes for, and storing valued information and images about visitors to your premises, which can be searched upon, displayed and reported on based on varying criteria. The security edition is powerful as you are able to set classification and clearance data which visitors have to meet and the data is stored for future visits.

  • Pass Express

    Pass express

    Pass express you can issue staff and contractors with professional and durable ID cards, which may be used for access control or time and attendance.

  • Fast Track Kiosk

    Self service terminal

    Fast Track Kiosk which is a self-service terminal. This terminal will verify if the visitor is expected, print out the pass and emails the host announcing the visitors arrival.

  • Intranet visit notification system IVNS for Visitor Express

    Intranet visit notification system (IVNS) for Visitor Express

    IVNS offers the ultimate in efficient visitor booking. The host can see their own visitors as they are due in their personal calendar, emails can be automatically generated confirming the appointment and including a location map.

  • Intranet Visit Notification System

    Intranet visit notification system (IVNS) for Visitor Express Security

    offers the same features as above but visitors pre-booked using IVNS that do not meet defined rules for a visit can be ‘held’ in a pending file for acceptance/rejection by a security controller.

Supporting Services

Chubb service & maintenance technicians

Service and maintenance support

SISYS dedicated services teams provide full support to their systems. We are proud of our track record of delivering customer projects successfully, cost-effectively completed in line with the customers specifications and timescales.

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