Site Access Management System (SAMS)

Having the ability to identify people both when they are on site and once they have departed a site is can be vital to the security of an establishment. That is why SAMS enables you to capture and store the image of everyone who comes to a site whether a visitor, contractor, staff employee or other category.

Visitor management

  • Visitor Control Station

    Visitor control station

    For the secure processing of visitors and other people requiring a temporary form of ID when entering a site. The system will keep a track of visitors as and when they come and go and saves visitor profiles along with their image for future reference. There is an option to have the visitor control station as pass only without image.

  • Permanent pass station

    Permanent pass station

    For the processing of clearances and issue of permanent credit-card-style photo ID passes. Cards issued from the system can then be used in conjunction with many other industry-standard applications such as access control and time management. Interfaces to such systems, allowing the real-time transfer of data and images to third-party systems, are also available.

  • All purpose stations

    All-purpose stations

    Combines the functionality of the visitor control station and permanent pass station on a single workstation.

  • Enquiry Terminal

    Enquiry terminal

    For the entry and/or editing of system data, this can also be used by system supervisors / managers for performing queries on the system.

  • Intranet Visit Notification System

    Intranet visit notification system (IVNS)

    IVNS offers the ultimate in efficient visitor booking. The host can see their own visitors as they are due in their personal calendar, emails can be automatically generated confirming the appointment and including a location map. Visitors pre-booked using IVNS that do not meet defined rules for a visit can be ‘held’ in a pending file for acceptance/rejection by a security controller.

  • Electoral Roll Look up

    Electoral roll look up

    Postcode/electoral roll Lookup is a verification tool that enables operators to check the last registered address provided by an individual seeking access to an establishment.

Supporting Services

Chubb service & maintenance technicians

Service and maintenance support

SISYS dedicated services teams provide full support to their systems. We are proud of our track record of delivering customer projects successfully, cost-effectively completed in line with the customers specifications and timescales.

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Site Access Management System