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Fire Safety Signs

Identifying escape routes and firefighting equipment

Health and safety regulations require business to have relevant fire signs which are important in keeping people informed on emergency evacuation and safety procedures in a building. Fire safety signs are designed to warn staff and visitors of any fire hazards, to provide an instruction or to give safety information. It is vital to provide clear and concise instructions about the actions to take in the event of a fire.  

We offer a wide range of door signs, extinguisher signs, exit signs and glow in the dark placards for high visibility in low-light environments. 

Additionally, every business needs a range of fire safety signs including fire exists, assembly points, and fire evacuation locations which are categorised into four areas: 

  • Prohibition – these are red and indicate a ‘Do Not’ action where danger could be caused 
  • Warning – these are yellow or orange and indicate that a hazard or danger is nearby, and care should be taken. 
  • Mandatory – these are blue and indicate that a specific behaviour is needed, for example protective equipment is needed 
  • Emergency – these are green and provide information such as an emergency exit. 

Understanding which fire signs are needed can be confusing for businesses as lives could be at risk if these are not positioned clearly and correctly. Chubb can carry out an assessment of your building and supply and install a range of fire safety signs to ensure your employees, customers and visitors are directed towards safety, especially in times of a fire. 

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