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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fast and reliable response

Fire alarms inform the occupants of a building that there is an incident so they can escape safely. However, according to the Fire Brigade, 47% of fires occur between 16:00 and 22:00, so a significant proportion of incidents happen when buildings are unoccupied without someone available to raise the alarm. 
In addition, it is known that 60% of businesses that suffer a significant fire never recover. Whether this is due to loss of manufacturing capability or stock, the interruption to the business causes the most harm. 
The fire alarm monitoring service provided by Chubb gives you the confidence that your premise is protected when you need it most. Fire alarm monitoring doesn’t rely on people in the building or passersby to raise the alarm. A signal is sent to our dedicated monitoring centre operators, who alert the fire services. 
Without fire alarm monitoring, a standard alarm rings out while fire spreads undeterred.
If a fire alarm rings and no one hears it, the effects of a fire can be devasting, potentially causing an irreversible impact on a business, such as loss of revenue and customers, cash flow restrictions, staff attrition, and loss of operational data held on-site.
Why have fire alarm monitoring 
In the event of a fire, seconds count and could be the difference between loss or survival. That’s why fire alarm monitoring is vital in protecting your business continuity and assets.
The cost of a monitored fire alarm system is small compared with the total loss of your business. A monitored fire alarm ensures rapid response to a fire alarm activation, maintains business continuity, and protects data and assets.
The benefits of fire alarm monitoring
Fire alarm monitoring provides both life-safety, product safety and ensured that your premises are protected. Can your business afford to be hit by fire?
With fire alarm monitoring by Chubb, you gain:
  • Out-of-hours coverage, 365 days a year
  • A swift and simple installation service
  • The benefit of our decades of experience
  • Protection of buildings and assets 
  • Immediate response to alarm activations 
  • Minimal disruptions and downtime


How does Fire Alarm Monitoring work? 
Chubb operates one of the largest Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) in the UK, fully accredited to NSi Gold standards. Our ARC's operators monitor your building out-of-hours and ensure a rapid escalation and response to any alarm activation.

In the event of a fire, the alarm sounds, and a digital signal is sent automatically to our ARC within seconds, enabling our operators to inform you there is an incident at your premises and call the fire services. The rapid deployment of the fire services enables them to investigate the cause of the alarm, and in the unlikely event of a fire, they will control and contain it.
Why choose Chubb for fire alarm monitoring?
We offer a combination of speed and convenience to ensure out-of-hour alarm activations receive an immediate response using the latest technology for alarm signalling.
With over 200 years expertise in the field, we install the latest regulated fire alarm systems, supported by our nationwide network of accredited fire engineers.
No matter what industry you operate in, you can call on our fire alarm monitoring service to ensure immediate action is taken, when you need it the most.
Protect your building and its contents and avoid disruptions and delays. 
For expert advice, contact us today on 0800 321 666 or via email [email protected]


**Source: London Fire
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