Wireless systems

Wireless fire detection and alarm systems are recommended for premises where the installation of cabling is difficult or disruptive.

  • Ziton Radio Hub

    Radio hub and cluster network

    The Ziton protocol radio hub and cluster system interfaces up to 4 x addressable loops which enables up to 504 wireless 868 MHz fire alarm devices to be integrated with a Ziton protocol fire alarm system.

  • Ziton Radio Loop Module

    Radio loop module

    The Ziton protocol radio loop module (RLM) allows a true hybrid solution to be developed combining hard wired devices with wireless radio devices connected to a Ziton protocol fire alarm system loop.  Up to two RLM devices can be connected each loop with each accommodating up to 31 wireless devices.

  • Wireless Zone Module

    Wireless zone module

    The Wireless Zone module (WZM) allows a hybrid solution to be developed for conventional fire alarms or addressable fire alarm systems which lack radio device integration.

    The WZM connects to the host fire alarm via a single input connection for fire detection and a monitored output connection to cause an evacuation.  Up to 30 wireless fire alarm devices can be connected which indicate on the fire alarm panel as a single zone. 

  • Ziton Wireless Detector


    The Ziton wireless detection range includes the ZR485-3 internal call point and the ZR432-2P multi-sensor detector capable of operating as an optical, temperature, multi-sensor or optical/heat detector.  These multiple modes allow the correct detector type to be selected to minimise false alarms.

  • Ziton Wireless Sounder


    The Ziton wireless sounders and visual alarm devices (VAD’s) range are designed for indoor applications and can be ceiling or wall mounted dependent upon type and are compatible with addressable ZP7 series.  Wireless Interface options are also available to control ancillary equipment or provide a notification signal to 3rd party system.