Addressable systems

Addressable systems work on a 2 wire loop system, each of the devices has an address.  The control panel monitors these devices and analyses the data they send in to establish the status of the device. The panel then can report devices as being normal, fault, pre-alarm and fire.

  • Controlmaster ZP2


    The ControlMaster ZP2 is available as 1 loop with up to 64 zones with 300 output groups or 2 loops expandable to 4 with up to 256 zones with 300 output groups, both with fire brigade and fire protection controls.

    The small cabinet has up to 24 LED Zone indicators for fire and fault with space for a 4 digit number, the larger cabinet has up to 40 LED Zone indicators for fire and fault with ample text space.

  • Third Party Interfacing

    Third party interfacing

    The 2010-2-PIB-8I8O Peripherals Interface Board is an accessory of the ZP2 intelligent addressable life safety control systems.  In total there are 4 variants of this board.  The 2010-2-PIB is the most extended variant of the range and provides ways to interface other electronic equipment on-site.

  • Advisor Management System Graphics


    The Advisor management system supports full integration of the FP1200/FP2000, 2X, ZP2 and KFP fire alarm panels for event monitoring as well as control over the fire alarm system installation.

    It provides the operator with an intuitive graphical user interface featuring graphical plans with events dynamically displayed on screen to assist in the rapid location of a fire.  This allows for improved response time to fire events and other hazards thus reducing risks to life, property or the environment.

  • Controlmaster ZP2 Email


    The ControlMaster ZP2 has email functionality built in.  There are 4 email accounts, each of these accounts can have all events or be filtered to specific event types.

  • Firenet Network Board


    The Firenet network board allows you to create a robust class A redundant 32 node network, via RS485, supporting maximum 32 loops.  Each node can be a fire panel or a fire panel repeater.

  • Syncro Panel


    Syncro AS control panels are suitable for all small to medium sized fire detection systems and can be expanded and networked to become part of much larger systems if the need arises, therefore providing a future proof solution for any installation.

  • IO Third Party Interfacing

    Third party interfacing

    To add more I/O capability to the extensive options already offered by the Syncro control panel, up to thirty two, sixteen channel I/O boards may be connected.  The 16 channel boards may be mixed on the RS485 bus with 8 way sounder boards, 6 way sounder boards or 4 way conventional detection zone boards to provide a very flexible system of I/O to satisfy any requirement.

  • Syncro Guide


    Syncro fire control panels can send data to, and be controlled by, the Guide system providing a single point of co-ordination for all alarms.  The system is highly configurable in terms of the style of presentation so that the end user can be presented with maps, text, photographs, audio or a combination of all as required.  User profiles allow the system manager to control the facilities available to each individual system user.  A comprehensive history logging and reporting system allows analysis of events and trends to be identified to reduce unwanted alarms.  Easy to programme and simple to use guide provides a cost-effective solution for fire alarm management at many levels.

  • Network Card


    The flexibility of the Syncro system can be further enhanced by connecting control panels and repeaters together using a high integrity network.

    A simple 2-wire connection between each panel allows events to be transmitted to other parts of the system to provide indication or control on a system wide basis.  Using the configuration programme, up to 64 nodes can be programmed to respond in a variety of ways to any system events as required.