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SmartCell – the smart choice in fire detection systems for the SME market


SmartCell is a highly innovative completely wireless fire detection platform. The wireless nature of SmartCell allows for faster installation and less disruption, making it the smart solution for smaller commercial sites and properties (SMEs) and particularly heritage and historical buildings. 

Smart Fire Detection 
One installed SmartCell device can incorporate a heat and smoke detector, sounder and an EN54-23 visual alarm device. Although physically no larger than a traditionally wired smoke detectorSmartCell offers a smart, sophisticated choice, designed to meet the demands of any building.  

The SmartCell control panel is highly intuitive and simple to use, whilst also offering comprehensive configuration options These can be managed both via a laptop using USB connection - or remotely if the optional communications PCB is specified.  

The state-of-the-art software allows SmartCell to offer features which are usually only seen on high end systems. These include “drag and drop” of devices onto floor plans, which can be fully scaled, wireless signal levels and strengths in real time and configuration of any device. 

Smart Wireless Connectivity 

As SmartCell is completely wireless, it allows for fast easy deployment but crucially causes no damage to the fabric of the property 

The expandable SmartCell system can accommodate up to 32 wireless fire detection or information devices, making it the perfect solution for property managers looking to streamline the maintenance of numerous residences. The platform is suitable for both large and small properties and its wireless nature makes it a simpler, faster and cheaper installation option. 

Smart Communication 
SmartCell's built-in communications capability enables users to identify and remedy potential issues remotely and the system also syncs with a dedicated free Chubb mobile app, allowing users 24/7 access to information and notifications.  

The SmartCell solution is also Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) ready - enabling potential fire alarms to be remotely monitored by Chubb. This function also has the ability to detect floods and potential issues with heating/cooling systems. 


*SmartCell is a trademark owned by EMS Wireless & Hybrid Fire Detector Solutions. EMS and Chubb are part of the Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR) a leading global provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions.  

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