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CareUnity® Digital

The latest innovation in digital telecare offering ultimate flexibility, reliability, and connectivity


Chubb's CareUnity® Digital dispersed alarm unit supports people to live independently at home while ensuring their environment is monitored 24 hours a day. 

CareUnity Digital is the most technically advanced care alarm on the market, supporting the latest 4G technology and setting new standards for technology-enabled care. When the panic button is triggered, the care alarm unit instantly dials the emergency contact or control centre to notify them that assistance is needed, providing invaluable reassurance to the individual and their family.

CareUnity Digital comes with a wide range of features allowing a service provider to customise the unit to their customers’ needs. The care alarm unit also supports a variety of other wireless sensor devices including pendant triggers, bed and chair sensors, fall triggers, door keypads and many more. 

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Chubb Community Care is one of the UK’s leading providers of telecare and telehealth products, protecting some of the most vulnerable in our society. Our products are designed to offer a wide range of solutions to meet your needs, from easy to install domestic units to fully integrated telecare and telehealth systems for local authorities and housing organisations. As your needs change, additional devices can be added or removed to ensure the overall solution keeps you safe while allowing you to remain independent. As a customer or carer, you would be joining thousands of individuals using our products and services to overcome barriers for conditions such as early-stage dementia and falls management.

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We offer a range of complementary remote fire safety and security services for increased connectivity, responsiveness and overall peace of mind. Chubb visiON+ changes how protection is managed using valuable data analytics to remotely take the right actions at the right time, maintaining full protection 24/7/365. Get in touch today to find out more about our Remote and Connected Services.

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