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Chubb® Care Call

Intelligent IP and nurse call solution
Designed in conjunction with specialists in dementia care and extra care housing, Chubb® Care Call is a full IP care call solution. Our care call system delivers a faster, efficient, and more responsive resident care.
Save time and protect lives with care on call
What is care call? Chubb® Care Call is a lifeline alarm service. It allows users to call carers or nurses in residential care homes or hospitals. This telecare system boasts a modern design and easy-to-use features. The Chubb® Care Call will then alert the closest carer. This smart medical device is also able to store treatment data to facilitate faster treatment times.
Proactive alerts 
Proactive alerts are key in assisted living. Our full range of sensors including portable buttons, fall detectors and smoke detectors make it even easier for residents to call for assistance and gives the individual that extra degree of independence and security.
Live overview of the care environment 
Monitoring a hospital, residential care home or assisted living site presents challenges. Chubb’s devices can give a live overview of the care environment. The care display and nurse station displays the alarm icons and status, site floor plan with carer location mapping and availability, and with the touch-screen model it even offers access to the portal.
Nurse communication 
Nurse communication is key to effective care. With nursing staff constantly on the move, it is important to provide quick and reliable communication lines between patient and carer. Chubb® Care Call is available with smart devices, pagers, DECT, care displays, over-door lights and digital information panels.
VoIP communication   
At Chubb, we’re always looking for ways to make communication easier. The Chubb telecare system offers the ability to make Voice-over-IP (VoIP) / Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) calls between staff members through the smart device or nurse station.
Real-time reporting
Chubb® Care Call provides access to real-time and historical call information for accurate reporting of the care delivered. Real time care reporting helps to support resident care reviews and demonstrate compliance with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) fundamental standards.
Cloud administration
Keeping data secure and in one place is easy with cloud administration. Using the Chubb® Care Call portal, nurses or carers can monitor call history and response times, access activity logs and manage and input resident information from any location at any time. This can allow greater control over staff resource allocation for resident care.
Remote maintenance
Chubb® Care Call also supports remote maintenance and upgrades. The portal enables remote service diagnostics, system updates and automated fault reporting. Smarter devices means quicker resolutions, and with Chubb you can rest assured we’ll take the hassle out of maintenance.
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Detectors and Sensors
Remote & Connected Services

We offer a range of complementary remote fire safety and security services for increased connectivity, responsiveness and overall peace of mind. Chubb visiON+ changes how protection is managed using valuable data analytics to remotely take the right actions at the right time, maintaining full protection 24/7/365. Get in touch today to find out more about our Remote and Connected Services.

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