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Housing Portal

Remote site governance for assisted living residences
How does the housing management portal support assisted living residences? The portal allows housing managers to govern their sites from any location. Assisted living at home is supported using the portal, as any alarm or potential issue will be highlighted by either a carer alarm or call to a care receiving centre. 
Housing Managers can add various assisted living residences and resident information. In addition to this housing management teams may add and remove speech units and telecare devices, view call history and access telecare activity logs. Our mission is to enable independence at home for those in assisted living residences – explore the possibilities with Chubb.
Site administration
Our housing portal allows housing managers to manage site and resident information including adding or removing room units and telecare devices.
Lifestyle monitoring
A complete lifestyle monitoring solution – our assisted living residence support includes the ability to monitor activity and lifestyle via telecare devices, CCTV, door entry systems, fire systems and telehealth.
Care management 
Effective care management is key. Our systems supply a visual indicator of the level of care provided and allows residents to be prioritised in relation to their activity and health levels.
Communicate with residents;
One of the key benefits of our telecare solutions is the ability to speak directly to residents through the housing portal. 
Full audit trail 
We know that peace of mind and quality of care are your priorities. All system settings and alarm events are stored on the cloud include a full audit trail. This gives site and care managers the ability to view call history, access a live print log and print reports 24/7.
Fault reporting
Housing portal system faults reporting is easy with Chubb. Fault reporting can be done automatically to the Housing Manager within the portal.
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Detectors and Sensors
Remote & Connected Services

We offer a range of complementary remote fire safety and security services for increased connectivity, responsiveness and overall peace of mind. Chubb visiON+ changes how protection is managed using valuable data analytics to remotely take the right actions at the right time, maintaining full protection 24/7/365. Get in touch today to find out more about our Remote and Connected Services.

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