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CareUnity® Telehealth
CareUnity Telehealth

CareUnity® Telehealth is a cost-effective, combined telecare and telehealth solution designed to help users self-manage their health conditions.

This innovative, single unit solution is able to determine the call type and automatically direct care alarms or telehealth readings to the appropriate destination.

Compatible with Continua Alliance certified bluetooth health devices, the system can transmit readings for blood pressure, weight, heart rate and blood glucose to a medical professional to ascertain whether the user is medically at risk.

Key Benefits

  • Single telecare and telehealth solution
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple and intuitive devices
  • Wired and wireless sensors
  • No fixed telehealth contract
  • Automatically updates medical records
  • Effectively manage health conditions
  • Secure transmission of data
  • Supports the complete range of Chubb devices.
Connect up to 41 radio devices.
Plug and Play
Plug and play facility to programme radio devices.
Recordable Messages
Up to 9 recordable voice messages with the CareUnity® Premier.
  • 201C000013 CareUnity® Telehealth