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Universal transmitter

Universal transmitters can be used to link many types of additional sensors or items of auxiliary equipment via radio to the Chubb system. When an alarm is triggered the alert is sent to the monitoring centre or carer.

Location dependent
Battery life
Up to 4 years dependent on use.
80x40x20mm WxHxD
  • 201C154630 Transmitter with test button
  • 201C154557 Transmitter without test button
  • 201C154630A Transmitter for carer alert, no time delay
  • 201C154630B Transmitter for carer alert, 1 minute delay
  • 201C154630D Transmitter for emfit unit
  • 201C154630E Transmitter for epi-care unit
  • 201C000055 Transmitter for epilepsy support monitor