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Detectors and Sensors
Chubb devices work with our complete range of alarms including the CareUnity® and will trigger a call if an emergency occurs. Our devices for personal and environmental protection allow people to live safely and independently.
Verso portable trigger
The verso portable trigger is a lightweight and discreet personal alarm trigger which can be worn around the neck, on the wrist or clipped to an item of clothing.
Onyx portable trigger
The Onyx portable button is a modern twist on a classic SOS device. Fully waterproof, the trigger can be worn at all times, particularly in the shower when the risk of falling is greater.
Pull cord alarm
The Onyx portable button is a modern twist on a classic SOS device. Fully waterproof, the trigger can be worn at all times, particularly in the shower when the risk of falling is greater.
Neck worn fall detector
Worn around the neck, the fall detector is an intelligent portable trigger which can detect if a person either falls or is slumped at an angle for a period of time.
Wrist worn fall detector
The wrist worn fall detector is a more discreet way of wearing a fall detector and includes an integral alarm button so a separate pendant is not required.
Bed exit sensor
A fall at night when there is no one around to help can impact enormously on a person’s health and independence. Our simple bed exit sensor helps to reduce this risk by raising an alarm when it detects that a person has left their bed and failed to return within a set time period.
Bed occupancy monitor
The bed occupancy monitor is a useful device for monitoring an individual’s bedtime routine. With three alert settings, the monitor can detect a user leaving their bed and not returning within a set time period, not getting into bed at night and not leaving the bed in the morning.
Intelligent bed monitor
The intelligent bed monitor can determine when a person has left the bed and is potentially at risk from a fall or accident. When used with passive infrared sensors (PIRs) and other similar detectors, the ‘out of bed’ alarm is delayed where it is determined the person is still moving around
Bed and chair sensor ribbon
This ultra slim and discreet sensor ribbon is an alternative option to the bed or chair pressure pad. It can be used to monitor occupancy and detect spasm type movements for people with epilepsy.
Chair sensor
The chair sensor is installed under the cushion of a chair and used to monitor occupancy. The sensor will automatically raise an alert 8 seconds after weight is removed from the pressure pad, indicating a person may be at risk.
Door contacts
Door contacts allow an alert to be raised if a person leaves the house providing security and safety to those who are vulnerable or prone to wandering. The contacts when used in conjunction with PIRs can also provide a basic intruder alarm
Enuresis sensor
The enuresis sensor is a machine washable cotton sensor pad placed between the bedding and the mattress for incontinence detection.
Epilepsy support monitor
This unique monitoring system is designed to detect both movement and sounds associated with epilepsy spasms, incontinence, vomiting or prolonged bed vacancy.
Pill dispenser
The automated pill dispenser takes the worry out of the dispensing of medication and is ideally suited to individuals living with memory loss, alzheimer’s or dementia.
Smoke detector
Smoke alarms are now commonly recognised as an essential safety device, and the reassurance this provides is greatly enhanced with our smoke detector which is directly linked to the Chubb® Care System.
Heat detector
In specific areas of the home such as the kitchen, it may not be suitable for a smoke detector to be installed due to the likelihood of false activations. A heat detector can solve this problem whilst retaining a high level of protection for the resident
Flood alert
The flood alert acts as an early warning sign to reduce the risk of flooding and hazardous conditions that can result in a slip or fall.
Low temperature detector
During the winter months, one of the greatest dangers to the elderly and vulnerable is insufficient heating of their property. A low temperature sensor allows monitoring of the ambient temperature and if this drops to a low level, an emergency alarm is automatically raised.
Temperature extremes sensor
The temperature extremes sensor provides advanced alerts of extreme temperatures within the home which if left undetected can lead to unhealthy living conditions and cause serious illness.
Carbon monoxide detector
Installing a carbon monoxide detector adjacent to gas appliances will ensure an emergency alert is raised before gas build-up reaches a concentration which is hazardous to health.
Natural gas detector
The natural gas detector acts an early warning for gas leaks within the home and will raise an alarm once the gas concentration has reached the required level.
Bogus caller button
A bogus caller button installed next to the front door or bedside allows the individual to raise the alarm if they fear that an intruder or bogus caller is trying to gain access to their property.
Intruder/Inactivity detector
With dual functionality, the PIR detector can be used to sense movements and raise alerts for inactivity whilst also operating as a security device when away from the home.
Universal transmitter
Universal transmitters can be used to link many types of additional sensors or items of auxiliary equipment via radio to the carephone.

A common problem is a handset left off the hook or engaged when an emergency alarm is triggered. SecureLine® guarantees the carephone will take priority of the telephone line by disconnecting any telephone extensions.

GSM module
The GSM module can be used for installing a carephone in a property without a landline connection or as an emergency backup should there be a fault with main telephone line.
The transmitter sends an alert to the wireless sensory receivers such as flashing beacons and vibrating pads, when a sensor has been activated.
Paging pack
A pager can be carried anywhere in the home and alerts the user through both lights and vibrations that a call has been made.
Flash receiver
The portable flash receiver will alert users with a bright white flashing light and LEDs when an alarm is activated.
Flash module
The flash module can be added to any receiver for a visual alert when a sensor is activated.
Sound module
The sound module can be added to any receiver so that you can hear the alerts as well as see and feel them.
Flash lamp
The flash lamp plug-in is a flashing white receiver which plugs into any 13A mains socket.
Vibrating pad
The vibrating pad can be used in conjunction with most receivers. When an alarm is activated, the unit will vibrate.
Jelly bean switch
The jelly bean switch makes it easier for people to raise an alert with the carephone or carer alert. The switch provides an audible click and tactile feedback when pressed to notify to the user than an alert has been raised
Pillow switch
The pillow switch can be secured to a pillow or clothing for use at night and is activated by direct contact with the individual’s cheek. It provides both audio and tactile feedback to inform the individual that an alert has been raised.
Puff switch
Individuals with severe motor difficulties can often find a standard switch difficult, tiring and in some cases impossible to use. The puff switch makes it easy for individuals to raise an alert by simply blowing into the adjustable mouthpiece. A universal mounting arm is also available for extended reach and fixing to a wall, pole or wheelchair.
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