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The CareUnity® is more than just a carephone, as it allows you to specify the level of features required when needs or circumstances change. It sets new standards for personal safety and reassurance, protecting the individual and their property, even when they are not at home.

CareUnity® installs directly into a power outlet and an analogue telephone socket. When the alarm button or any of the connected devices are triggered, the unit will automatically dial the control centre or emergency contact to notify them that assistance is needed.

Key benefits

  • Small, sleek and modern design.
  • Choice of black or white.
  • High quality speech.
  • Silent dial alarms for security and domestic violence.
  • "Person Down" alarm facility.
  • Multiple emergency numbers.
  • Local reminders.
  • I'm OK facility.
  • Low battery alerts and 24 hour backup.
  • Connects to all BS Monitoring Centres.
Number of radio devices
Connect up to 41 radio devices.
Plug and play
Plug and play facility to programme radio devices.
Recordable messages
Up to 9 recordable voice messages with the CareUnity Premier.

Item number(s)

  • 201C159103P CareUnity® white with pendant
  • 201C159203P CareUnity® black with pendant
  • 201C700267 GSM module