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Frequently asked questions
Community Care's FAQ page provides answers to our customers most frequently asked questions
If you would like to ask a question or require further information, please contact us on 0844 56 113 16 or by email [email protected]
If you have any questions regarding the operation of your equipment please contact your equipment or service provider in the first instance. Our technical support team are trained to assist you with any issues you may experience. For information and help, including support with installing and programming any of the Chubb technology enabled care products, please contact us by email [email protected]
Yes, although in some instances you may find that the telephone does not ring when connected to the CareUnity®. If this is happens, use a double telephone adaptor (available from any electrical retailer) to connect the telephone and CareUnity® into a single socket.
Yes, as long as an ADSL filter, such as a filter socket or a plug in filter, is fitted to the telephone line where the CareUnity® is located.
In the majority of cases yes but it is always worth asking your alarm system provider to be sure.
The CareUnity® needs to be positioned close to a telephone line and mains power socket. We also recommend that you position the unit in an open area so that the microphone can easily pick up sound and you can clearly hear the speaker. The user guide supplied with the CareUnity® offers some helpful guidance on where not to place your home unit such as high moisture and high heat areas. The unit should also remain at least 1m away from other electrical equipment such as TVs, kitchen appliances, WiFi/3G/4G routers, dongles and cordless telephones base units.
The pendant works with the CareUnity® up to 100m line of sight. The distances achieved will vary within each property depending on its construction, so it is always recommended to test the pendant in all areas of the property where it will be used. If you find there are locations where the pendant does not work then consider moving the CareUnity® to achieve optimum coverage.
For peace of mind, it is recommended that your equipment is tested every week to ensure an alarm call is raised. When the call is answered, inform the operator that it is a test call and not an emergency. When testing your pendant, make sure it is working at the furthest point in the property.
Yes, the CareUnity® has a battery backup facility and will continue to operate for 24 hours when the mains supply fails. If the mains failure continues for an extended period and the battery is low, the unit will switch off. It will turn itself back on once the mains power is restored.
The main difference is the bed location. Chubb® Care Call is a radio and wireless system so room units can be easily moved and reprogrammed with its new location without any disruption to decoration or the residents.
Unlike a hard wired nurse call system there is minimal disruption to the residents during installation.
As Chubb® Care Call requires limited cabling or associated labour costs to install, it is very competitive when compared to a hard wired nurse call system.
All systems are designed to incorporate high quality components and bench tested by our workshop technicians to ensure the system meets our high standards before being delivered to site.
The range of the system depends on the construction and size of the building. Following a survey by our installation team, the system is designed to cover the whole of the building by strategically locating remote receivers.
The Chubb® Care Call radio solution is designed for large care homes occupying over 150 beds but it is always necessary to carry out a survey.
Every installed system has its own individual frequency code which communicates only with its allocated transmitters.
The system is self-monitoring and therefore any alteration would have no effect on the integrity of the Chubb® Care Call alarm signal with the exception of possible screening of the units fitted in the new location. A survey would need to be carried out to check that all units in the new areas are working correctly.
The flexibility of the system means Chubb® Care Call can be easily upgraded as resident or care home needs change and it is even backwards compatible with the existing Chubb companion nurse call solution.
The room unit batteries will last approximately 12 months, however this will vary depending on use. When the batteries are exhausted a low battery signal and alert is sent to Chubb portal to notify staff that the batteries need replacing.
There would be no effect as the Chubb® Care Call system is designed to receive multiple calls at the same time.
In addition to the wireless room unit, resident handset and pear push lead, Chubb® Care Call works with the full range of Chubb detectors and sensors including pendants, fall detectors, smoke detectors, ceiling mounted pull cords and door monitoring equipment, for that extra degree of independence and security.
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