Fully integrated IP monitoring solution

To meet the increasing demands of flexible working, innovative solutions, and the need for greater integration of monitoring centres, Chubb Community Care has developed the Chubb® Care Control. This single platform solution allows telecare, telehealth, security and lone worker applications to be managed by a single operator in a single location.

Chubb Care Control

A fully integrated telecare, telehealth, security and lone worker IP monitoring solution.
  • Call Handling

    Call handling

    The platform enables an operator to switch at the click of a mouse from monitoring a security alert to a telecare or telehealth event.

  • Integrated Lone Worker

    Integrated lone worker

    Innovative lone worker system allows you to monitor lone workers, handle emergencies, send notifications to one or any number of mobile devices and track positions using reliable mapping software.

  • Incident Management

    Incident management

    Flexible in its design, Chubb® Care Control's functionality allows the user to operate and manage an efficient out of hours repair service or any other incident logging type application.

  • Conference Calling

    Conference calling

    Ability for a 3 way conversation which is particularly important in allowing you to bring in support services such as Language Link.

  • Equipment Portfolio

    Equipment portfolio control

    The Stock Control facility allows details such as equipment type including telecare peripherals, serial numbers, battery replacement dates and other key data to be logged and analysed on automatic reports.

  • Voice recording

    Voice recording

    The voice recording facility gives authorised personnel the ability to play back any call from the call history. This is of particular importance during incident investigation, performance assessment and operator training.

  • Document Management System

    Document management system

    Chubb® Care Control allows for electronic importing and storing of key customer and other data. This single storage complies with the Government requirement for an Electronic Social Care Record (ESCR).

  • Interoperability


    Chubb® Care Control is compatible with all major manufacturer’s equipment and is BT 21CN compliant. Chubb® Care Control uses the industry standard BS8521 protocol for Telecare and the IP Common Protocol for the transmission of Voice, Data and Video over digital telephony networks.

  • Audit Trail

    Audit trail

    The audit trail allows managers to view any information that has been changed, when it was done and by whom. This feature enables self auditing.

  • Mobile workers

    Mobile workers

    Chubb® Care Control enables your mobile workers to update client information from a laptop and automatically transfer to the database.

  • Management reports

    Management reports

    The system includes a suite of predefined reports designed to meet the majority of user requirements including the reports required by the TSA. It also allows the generation of your own bespoke reports via Seagate Crystal Reports™ or any other proprietary ODBC compliant package.

  • SMS Messaging Manager

    SMS messaging manager

    SMS text messaging can be the preferred or only method of communicating for service users. The Chubb® Care Control allows for sending of SMS text messages to any service user mobile phone.

  • Integrity

    System integrity

    Chubb® Care Control operates on your corporate network infrastructure and has a high specification server with on-site backup server. It allows two-way data synchronisation for standby and disaster recovery systems, and optional remote disaster recovery.

  • Adacs

    Chubb ADACS

    Fully integrated event management system providing intruder detection, access control, CCTV monitoring and digital video recording.

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