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Enuresis sensor
Enuresis Sensor

The enuresis sensor is a machine washable cotton sensor pad which is placed between the bedding and the mattress and used for incontinence detection. If the sensor pad detects an excess amount of moisture, an emergency alarm is raised so that the individual can be attended to by a carer.

Key benefits

  • Comfortable and discreet
  • Quick intervention
  • Reduces the need for constant supervision
Location dependent
Battery life
5 years dependent on usage. Low battery status is self-monitored and automatically reported.
Transmitter 80x40x20mm WxHxD, Bed mat 600x400mm WxH
  • 201C151108 Enuresis sensor with cotton pad
  • 201C151108A Enuresis sensor without pad
  • 201C155616 Replacement cotton pad