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Bed occupancy monitor

The bed occupancy monitor is a useful device for monitoring an individual’s bedtime routine. With three alert settings, the monitor can detect a user leaving their bed and not returning within a set time period, not getting into bed at night and not leaving the bed in the morning.

When leaving the bed during the night, lights can be switched on using an optional X10 module helping to reduce the risk of a fall. The monitor can also be used to switch lights on or off from within the bed. Depending on the requirements, sensitivity can be adjusted when locating the pressure pad either under or over the mattress.

Key benefits

  • Reduces risk
  • 3 alert settings
Up to 100m line of sight
Battery life
5 years dependent on usage. Low battery status is self-monitored and automatically reported.
120x65x150mm WxHxD


  • 201C155883 Thin pressure pad
  • 201C700300 Bed sensor ribbon
  • 201C700299 Chair sensor ribbon
  • 201C173019 Power supply
  • 201CA281A Pear push switch
  • 201C159044 Primary mains receiver for light
  • 201CM754A T-piece adaptor for two pressure pads