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Protection and reassurance for people with medical conditions

Telehealth offers protection and reassurance for people with medical conditions that require regular care and monitoring. It enables health to be managed proactively and reduces hospital admissions as well as improving the patient’s quality of life.

Health monitoring solution

SCOPE by Emcare is an eMonitoring solution that enables the carer, nurse, doctor or the individual to conduct routine medical tests and instantly capture the data electronically, transmitting it to Chubb’s central repository and updating the resident’s medical record.

With the SCOPE solutions care providers can reduce time in organising routine checkups and the SCOPE devices are designed so that non healthcare professionals within a care environment can record healthcare data on each of the residents and provide date for clinicians.

Telehealth offers reassurance to both residents and family members that all healthcare readings are satisfactory.

Chubb® Care System
An enhanced assisted living solution from Chubb Community Care.
Technology Enabled Care Solutions
At Chubb Community Care, we offer innovative and reliable technology that creates independence and choice for the individual and offers peace of mind to carers. We have nearly 70 years’ experience in technology enabled care
SCOPE by Emcare
Protection and reassurance for people with medical conditions that require regular care and monitoring.
Health management
Telehealth is fully enabled and accessible through the portal.
Eliminate error
Save time for clinicians and eliminate potential human error.
Provides visibility of the level of healthcare being provided.
Active monitoring
Monitoring of the resident’s condition and immediate notification if a reading should fall outside threshold.
Audit trail
Provides an audit trail of the medical history of the individual and medical trend analysis to the clinicians and nurses.
Supporting Services
Service and maintenance
Bespoke, planned, responsive service and maintenance solutions from Chubb Community Care