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Intruder/inactivity detector

The PIR detector can be used to provide peace of mind for the elderly and vulnerable. With dual functionality, the detector can be used to sense movements and raise alerts for inactivity whilst also operating as a security device when away from the home.

Inactivity monitor: The PIR can look for movement within a defined time and if the resident has not moved an alarm will be sent to the carer or monitoring centre.

Intruder monitor: If the resident leaves their property to stay with friends or visit a day centre, the carephone can be set into ‘away’ mode to provide a basic intruder alarm system for the property.

Key benefits

  • Discreet monitoring
  • Peace of mind
Location dependent
Battery life
1 year depending on usage. Fitted with user replaceable alkaline or lithium batteries.
65x110x75mm WxHxD