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Pill Dispenser

The automated pill dispenser takes the worry out of dispensing medication and is ideally suited to individuals suffering from memory loss, alzheimer’s or dementia. At pre-programmed times the dispenser carousel will rotate to allow the individual to access the correct medication, and will sound an alert as a reminder to take the tablets. The unit will know that the medication has been removed from the dispenser when it is tipped up, so if the tablets have not been taken after a pre-set time the lid will close over the aperture will automatically call the monitoring centre.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Reduces risk
  • Supports medication management
Location dependent
Battery life
Up to 1 year dependent on usage. Low battery indicator status on the pill dispenser.User replaceable batteries
Diameter 180mm, depth 47mm
  • 201C155625 Pill dispenser


  • SPEM722A Snap on lid for pill dispenser tray
  • 201C121850 Tray with lid, three discs and prescription booklet
  • 201C121748 Timer disc cards (two printed, one blank)
  • SPE122100 Pack of 25 disposable trays
  • SPE122101 Pack of 50 disposable trays