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Epilepsy Support Monitor

This unique monitoring system is designed to detect both movement and sounds associated with epilepsy spasms, incontinence, vomiting, or prolonged bed vacancy. Bed movement detection uses a highly sensitive sensor under the mattress to analyse the frequency of movement and activate an alarm if the movement is too long and frequent.

The sound sensor uses a special microphone to detect sharp gasps, clicks or groans. The device however is insensitive to background noise such as talking, TVs, radios or vacuums. Alternatively, the sound sensor can be used for individuals who make continuous noises whilst in distress.

Key benefits

  • Support for night time seizures
  • Quick intervention
  • Reduces the need for constant supervision
Location dependent
Mains power
220x110x44mm WxHxD
  • 201C000056 Epilepsy support monitor

  • Accessories:
  • SPE000051 Microphone for sound pickup
  • 201C700296 Bed sensor ribbon
  • 201C700295 Chair sensor ribbon