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Intelligent bed monitor

The intelligent bed monitor can determine when a person has left the bed and is potentially at risk from a fall or an accident. When used with passive infrared sensors (PIRs) and other similar detectors, the ‘out of bed’ alarm is delayed where it is determined that the person is still moving around the property. The time period for the ‘out of bed’ alarm can be programmed for different time periods to meet the exact needs of the individual, and even changed as the needs of the user changes. This function is only available with the CareUnity® Premier.

Key benefits

  • Reduces risk
  • Automated alerts
Location dependent
Battery life
5 years dependent on usage. Low battery status is self-monitored and automatically reported.
Transmitter: 80x40x20mm WxHxD Pressure pad: 300x100x10mm WxHxD
  • 201C155654 Intelligent bed monitor
  • (PIR, pad and sensor ribbon purchased separately)


  • 201C159048 PIR sensor
  • 201C122133 Thin pressure pad
  • 201C700298 Bed sensor ribbon