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Bed exit sensor

A fall at night when there is no one around to help can impact enormously on a person's health and independence. Our simple bed exit sensor helps to reduce this risk by raising an alarm when it detects that a person has left their bed and failed to return within a set time period.

The unit is set to alarm after 30 minutes if the person has not returned to bed. If any other pre-set time is required, this can be requested when purchasing the bed exit sensor. Depending on the individual’s needs, the bed exit sensor can be used with a thin pressure pad or a bed sensor ribbon.

Key benefits

  • Reduces risk
  • Automated alerts
Location dependent
Battery life
5 years dependent on usage. Low battery status is self-monitored and automatically reported.
Transmitter: 80x40x20mm WxHxD
Pressure pad: 300x100x10mm WxHxD
  • 201C151835 Bed exit sensor (including pressure pad)
  • 201C151835A Bed exit sensor (excluding pressure pad)


  • 201C122133 Thin pressure pad
  • 201C700298 Bed sensor ribbon