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Bed and chair sensor ribbon

This ultra slim and discreet sensor ribbon is an alternative option to the bed or chair pressure pad which can be used to monitor occupancy.

The sensor ribbon is available in two lengths, 1000mm (bed sensor) and 400mm (chair sensor). The 1000mm sensor guarantees full coverage of the bed particularly beneficial for beds with adjustable head and foot rests, where full sensor coverage is difficult to achieve with a standard pressure mat. The sensor is fully waterproof and can be easily cleaned to maintain good hygiene standards.

Location dependent
Battery life
Not applicable
1000x10x15mm LxWxD (Bed sensor) 400x10x15mm LxWxD (Chair sensor)
  • 201C700298 Bed ribbon for the bed exit sensor/intelligent bed monitor.
  • 201C700300 Bed ribbon for bed occupancy monitor.
  • 201C700296 Bed ribbon for epilepsy support monitor.
  • 201C700299 Chair ribbon for bed occupancy monitor.
  • 201C700297 Chair ribbon for use with chair sensor.
  • 201C700295 Chair ribbon for epilepsy support monitor