Vibrating pillow – alerting the deaf to fire in the night

Dec 15, 2005


Leading fire specialist Chubb Fire has launched Deafgard – a wire free technology enabling hoteliers, bed & breakfast proprietors and providers of sheltered housing accommodation to alert the deaf and hard of 

hearing in the event of fire at night.

Deafgard is an acoustically activated vibrating pillow pad to wake the hard of hearing in the event of a fire alarm at night

One in seven people are classed as being either deaf or hard of hearing, which creates a major challenge for those responsible for ensuring their safety should a fire break out.

Deafgard is an acoustically activated bedside unit with an epilepsy-friendly strobe. The device picks up the sound of the fire alarm, and a connected pad - which is placed under the pillow - vibrates to wake the sleeper should an alarm be activated. Simultaneously, a high intensity flashing strobe and an LCD showing the illuminated word ‘FIRE’ provide visual indication that the fire alarm is sounding.

Chubb Fire’s Marketing and Communications Director Suzanne Donovan, explains: “This is a fantastic innovation that can really make a difference to what is a very difficult situation in the hospitality and care industries.

“If the reception staff follow our advice and hand the Deafgard unit on arrival to all guests who are deaf or hard of hearing, after first testing it and demonstrating how it works, some potential tragic situations can be avoided. In addition, Deafgard will help businesses with compliance to the DDA.”

Deafgard can be used with any fire alarm designed to BS 5839.