Scouts Launch Fire Safety Badge in Wilmslow

June 27, 2006


On Saturday 17th June a party of around 50 Scouts visited the Wilmslow Fire Station in Cheshire to complete their Chubb Fire Safety Badge with a live fire demonstration.

Scouts from 1st Wilmslow, 6th Wilmslow, Handorth and Alderley Edge Groups all got to have a go using a fire extinguisher
To date, 34,000 scouts have achieved their fire safety badge 

The Badge requires the Scouts to understand what causes a fire, how to call the Fire Brigade, how to use fire blankets and extinguishers (and which extinguisher to use for different fire types) as well as fire safety for the home. Steve Gill, Chubb Fire's Training Officer, was on hand to guide the Scouts from 1st Wilmslow, 6th Wilmslow, Handorth and Alderley Edge Groups through their Badge qualification.

Chubb Fire's three-year sponsorship deal with The Scout Association includes the provision of new educational literature and posters to more than 7,200 local Scout Troops across the UK, as well as practical help from the company's nationwide network of offices and engineers.

Gareth Fryar of the Wilmslow fire station who organised the event said: “The day was a great success and was very much enjoyed by all of the scouts who attended. We’ve always had a duty to support our local community, and helping the Scouts with their fire safety badge is an ideal way to make a difference.

“We were pleased to see the work that Chubb Fire also does to help promote the fire safety message amongst young people generally. The live fire demonstration given by Steve Gill was engaging, and not only informative for the Scouts but also very entertaining.”

Suzanne Donovan Chubb Fire’s Marketing and Communications Director explains: “Our expertise in the field of fire safety means that we can really offer the Scouts some practical assistance in running the Badge. We are keen to get involved in working with the Scouts and the community on a local level.”

Suzanne adds: “The importance of fire safety can not be underestimated with over 14,000 people killed or injured in UK domestic fires each year. The Fire Safety Badge offers the Scouts some important practical advice on fire prevention, detection and escape routes should a fire break out, all of which could potentially save their lives, or the lives of others.”

“To date, over 34,000 Scouts have achieved their Chubb Fire Safety Badge – which means more than 34,000 young boys and girls now have a home escape plan.”