Full steam ahead for Chubb fire safety training on the railways

Feb 28, 2012


Chubb is delivering vital fire safety training to employees at a number of national rail operating companies, enhancing the safety of passengers and property in the event of fire. Several companies within the railway industry, including East Coast, Chiltern Railways and London Overground Rail Operations Ltd (LOROL), have contracted Chubb to supply a comprehensive programme of fire training courses to various members of their staff.

Full steam ahead for Chubb fire safety training on the railways
Practical Fire Extinguisher Training
Full steam ahead for Chubb fire safety training on the railways

Chubb’s extensive experience of the sector has made it an expert at delivering training that is tailored to meet the specific needs of the railway environment.

East Coast runs frequent and fast passenger train services between London King’s Cross, the East Midlands, Yorkshire, the North East of England and Scotland, and the route forms a key north-to-south artery on the eastern side of Britain. Chubb provides East Coast with Basic Fire Safety, Fire Warden, Competent Persons, and Fire Precautions Manager training throughout the year.

Richard Potter, operations training manager, East Coast, said that Chubb has been its preferred training supplier for fire training for a number of years.

“We don’t have an internal resource to deliver fire safety training to our staff, so it’s important that we have somebody we can rely on,” he says. “We have never looked to any other supplier because we’ve always been completely satisfied with the training that we’ve received from Chubb.”

Potter said that Chubb’s knowledge of the railways has been a huge benefit.

Chubb’s identification of the specific risks of the railway environment is built on a firm foundation of fire safety knowledge, the fundamentals of which are outlined in the Basic Fire Safety course. It includes a practical demonstration, during which delegates are given the opportunity to handle a fire extinguisher on a controlled fire – an opportunity that is particularly valued at Chiltern Railways.

“We have always had very good feedback on this practical element of the training,” says Crystal O’Keeffe, its senior safety, standards & audit manager.

“Most staff really value the opportunity to use the fire extinguishers, rather than just having them sit in the corner of a room. The training from Chubb gives people the confidence to know that in the event of an emergency, they are properly equipped to tackle a small fire and prevent it from becoming a major incident. They are also taught to know when it is safe to use an extinguisher, and when it is safer to evacuate,” she said.

Chiltern Railways runs scheduled passenger services along the M40 corridor. From Chubb it receives Basic Fire Safety training for all staff, in addition to Fire Warden and Fire Precautions Manager training, on a yearly basis.

O’Keeffe believes that fire training from Chubb is cost-effective as well.

“Chiltern Railways has around 35 stations and the cost of training people ourselves would not be practical,” she said. “We have worked with Chubb for more than five years and will continue to do so because their training is so clear and well-explained, and makes economic sense.”

Chubb also has resources for companies that wish to carry out their own training. Alan Jackson, risk evaluation & contingency planning manager, LOROL, explains how Chubb supports his own in-house training programme.

“We train everyone across the company in basic fire safety at the induction stage and with regular refresher training,” he says. “Chubb provides the material, and we have peer trainers to communicate the information.”

London Overground received Fire Warden and Fire Precautions Manager training from Chubb trainers directly, but also delivers the Basic Fire Safety and Competent Persons training itself using a training package sourced from Chubb.

”We have a long-standing relationship with Chubb, and continue to work with them because they provide a one-stop shop that covers every element of fire safety. Chubb is able to supply not only training, but also fire risk assessments, practical inspections, fire extinguisher service and maintenance – indeed they meet all our fire safety needs.”

Fire safety training is a legal requirement, and all employers are required by UK legislation to ensure that employees are provided with adequate training. Chubb is well-equipped to assist employers in meeting that obligation, according to Jane Garland, Marketing Communications Manager at Chubb: offering a complete range of fire safety training solutions for organisations both large and small, catering to all levels of employees from the inexperienced office worker through to the experienced fire safety professional. With investments in the latest technology, the company is able to simulate real fires and provide ‘hands on’ training.

“In addition, Chubb understands that the railway environment has its own specific risks and hazards – and consequently requires its own mode of training – and thus Chubb is ideally positioned to supply a tailored training programme,” she concludes.


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