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Customers to Benefit from Automated Alarm Transmissions

BLACKBURN, England -


ECHO (Electronic Call Handling Operation Ltd) a not-for-profit organisation is working in collaboration with Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) across the UK to deliver a fully automated alarm signalling transmission service to the police. 

The innovative and digital platform enables approved ARCs to verify a signal and transmit it directly to the ECHO connected police which helps to eliminate the risk of communication errors and delays associated with manual call handling. It will also increase effectiveness of blue light response to emergency alarms and mange risks while operating in a more efficient and sustainable way. 

The rollout of this service starts with the Essex and the Metropolitan police forces, and it is anticipated full deployment to all police forces across the UK. Connected police forces will come online in stages requiring all alarm signals from approved ARCs to be transmitted via the new ECHO platform by 1st October 2021. 

Chubb has fulfilled all the necessary compliance requirements to help improve the safety of people, property and other assets. More information about the new platform can be found here.

For support or further information regarding the automated alarm signalling transmission or the ECHO platform please contact us on 0800 321666.