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Chubb Wins Silver Award for its Commitment to Supporting Armed Forces Personnel

England -

Chubb has been recognised for its commitment to supporting the Armed Forces, winning a Silver Award from the Ministry of Defence's Supporting Britain's Reservists and Employers campaign.

Pictured above Paul Hazell,National Operations Manager (left) and Steve Jolliffe, Chubb EH&S Advisor receiving the award.

Squadron Sergeant Major Steve Jolliffe, who has spent 33 years in the army reserve throughout his 24-year career at Chubb, nominated the company for the Silver Award.

"Chubb has always been supportive of my duties as a reservist, allowing me time off to attend annual training and two-week camp every year," said Jolliffe. "I was promoted twice within the business upon my return to work, following my missions in Iraq in 2004 and in Afghanistan in 2008.

"This support gave me confidence and a solid professional base to continue in the reserves," added Jolliffe. "Ultimately, the skills and coaching qualifications I've gained have been of great use to the business, particularly in my capacity as a Safety Advisor for the Chubb mechanical fire equipment business."

Chubb signed a voluntary Corporate Covenant pledging to continue supporting the armed forces community, ensuring that reservists like Steve can undertake important obligations with full support from their employer.

Alastair Reynolds, managing director, Chubb Fire & Security, said that the company remains committed to employing reservists and ex-servicemen and women.

"Chubb values the contributions of armed forces personnel, and Steve has proven to be a strong contributor who upholds his service requirements knowing he has our full support." said Reynolds.