Chubb Top Security Tips For The Home

Dec 13, 2012


Chubb Top Security Tips For The Home

With the festive season fast approaching, Chubb has put together a list of 12 top tips to help keep homes and belongings secure this Christmas:

  • Keep valuables and wrapped gifts out of sight of windows; a conspicuous tree with presents piled underneath may draw the attention of would-be thieves.
  • Installing a motion-sensitive security light on the exterior of a house can deter someone from attempting to break in.
  • If Christmas lights or other decorations are outside of the house, do not leave windows open to pass cables through; opt for battery-operated or solar-powered lights, or use an external power source.
  • Do not keep keys in a place that is visible from outside, such as hanging on hooks, and do not hide keys near a door, such as under flowerpots or under the doormat, as thieves know to check these places.
  • Be cautious with strangers at the door, and don't be embarrassed to ask for proof of ID from delivery workers and charity collectors.
  • If storing larger items, such as bikes, in a shed or garage, make sure that these external buildings are also secure.
  • If planning to give money as gifts, try to avoid keeping substantial amounts of cash in the home.
  • If receiving valuable items as presents, mark them with an ultraviolet pen as this makes them much easier to trace in the event of theft.
  • Dispose of packaging discreetly and do not leave rubbish out longer than necessary; discarded boxes and bags can act as an advertisement for the expensive items that can now be found in the house.
  • Going away over the Christmas period? Install a timer to switch lights on and off so that the house appears to be occupied and remember to cancel milk deliveries.
  • Do not record an answerphone message that alerts people of travel plans over Christmas.
  • Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on the house while away

"It is a sad fact that in addition to being a time for festivities and fun, the Christmas season can also mean higher levels of crime," says Jane Garland, Marketing Communication Manager, Chubb Fire & Security UK. "According to the National Crime Statistics, last year saw a 14 percent increase in domestic thefts over the Christmas period as burglars took advantage of the greater abundance of expensive presents to be found in people's homes, and of people going away to visit family and friends.

"Unfortunately almost anyone can find themselves a victim of domestic burglary. By following Chubb's list of basic precautions, we hope that people can at least reduce the chance of their Christmas being marred by an issue with security," she concludes.


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