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Chubb’s Top 10 Tips to Stay Safe this Summer

England -

As spring turns to summer and the Isles heat up, people are starting to spend more time in the garden, at barbeques or on holiday. The pursuit of leisure should not bring an increasingly relaxed approach to fire and security.


To help in the prevention of crime and the prevention, detection and containment of fire, Chubb Fire & Security offers 10 tips to staying safe this summer.

  • Ensure front to back security - Enjoying the weather in the back garden? Ensure your front door and windows are shut as you may not hear or notice a burglar attempting to enter.
  • Keep keys out of sight - Do not keep keys in a place that is visible from the outside, such as hanging them on hooks or near a door.
  • Beware of social media - Don't ruin your well-earned summer holiday by posting about your travel plans on social media. While you are gone, install a timer to switch lights on and off so your house or flat appears occupied.
  • Trust a neighbour - When you go on holiday, ask a trusted neighbour or friend to collect your post and cancel your newspaper subscriptions. Having post and newspapers pile up is a tell-tale sign you are away from your home for an extended period of time.
  • Play it safe with gas and flame - Ensure all gas equipment is safe to use and store gas containers according to the manufacturers' recommendations; likewise, ensure coal barbeques cool down safely.
  • Test your alarm - Before going on holiday, test your security alarm or get it serviced to ensure any faulty equipment is identified and replaced in good time.
  • Stay clear of petrol - Never light a fire using petrol, as this is an unpredictable and extremely dangerous method. Its toxic fumes cause serious harm.
  • Keep an eye on the kids - Ensure children are supervised when around fires, barbeques or outdoor heaters.
  • Never leave exposed flames unattended - Flames can grow out of control and cause considerable damage.
  • Use your common sense

    ​“By following Chubb’s list of basic precautions and using common sense, you can greatly reduce your chance of getting burgled or causing a fire, and you can safely and securely enjoy the summer,” said Jane Garland, marketing communications manager, Chubb Fire & Security​.