Chubb Security System Helps Boost Operational Efficiency at New Timber Supply Facility

June 22, 2015


Hales Sawmills, a family-run manufacturer and supplier of timber products, has opted for a sophisticated IP-based video security system from Chubb to protect people, plants and machinery at its new £5 million state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Shropshire.

Chubb Security System Helps Boost Operational Efficiency at New Timber Supply Facility Chubb Security System Helps Boost Operational Efficiency at New Timber Supply Facility

Designed, installed and monitored by Chubb, the system is comprised of IP CCTV day/night cameras along the facility's perimeter. The use of intelligent video analytics helps to reduce false alarms often generated by small animals and moving vegetation, whilst increasing the likelihood of detecting a genuine intruder. Should an alarm occur, Chubb's remote video recording operation monitors the images remotely and determines appropriate action. Additional dome cameras are also installed and operated locally from Hales Sawmills' own control desk.

"We now have 24/7 protection, and that gives us tremendous peace of mind," said Julian Parton, chairman, Hales Sawmills. "We can also use the dome cameras throughout the day, not just for security but to monitor stock levels and yard activity to further improve our operational effectiveness."

Parton added that the installation was achieved with minimum disruption: "We hardly noticed the engineers' presence and productivity was not affected, which was exactly what was required."

Providing wholesale and retail services, Hales Sawmills combines the latest production technologies with traditional craftsmanship, offering high quality products to an ever-expanding customer base, including timber merchants, farmers, local councils and the general public

The requirement was for staff to be able to safely gain building access, 24 hours-per-day, seven days-per-week, with a monitoring system in place to ensure their safety while on site in Failsworth, near Manchester. An access control system with fingerprint recognition technology was installed at the main gate and a remotely-monitored Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system was installed throughout the site. Should a physical response be required, security officers would immediately be dispatched.


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